Decodificando La Biblia

A Progressive web application for a digital interactive course on duolingo-style for young people to learn about the bible.

Multi-user, Admin panel, Social Network, Chat, Interactive, Gamification


Hybrid application (web and mobile) for Health research: data collection and automated analysis with an easy to use interface and gamification to keep engagement on long surveys.

Multi-user, Gamification, Web App, Data processing, automation, I+D

Schematect V3

Latest version of the Schematect Software as a Service for SEO specialists. Given user input it generates appropiate SEO schema code.

Multi-user, SaaS, Code generation, Compiler, Data structures

SMS & AD Automation

Automate the client aquisition process by developing a custom software platform that performed client reach through SMS and Ad personalization via automated Google Ads based on platform data.

Automation, Software, Marketing